Dogsled Express Announcement

For the rest of the winter sled dog season we will only be at the trailhead for reservations only. When we switch back over to the dryland cart rides we will be at that location ready for drive up riders. We won’t be doing an 11:30 tour for Sunday….Valentines Day due to the hot weather. By 2 pm the temps start dropping again. Yes we do give cart rides in 60 degree weather but those rides are much shorter and don’t have the amount of altitude changes that the winter tours have. We must consider the safety of the dogs during these warm conditions over the almighty dollar. I hope you understand. The younger dogs handle it much better that the 9 to 12 year old dogs. About a third of our dogs fall into that older category.

If the total weight of a ride is over 300 lbs. we would ask that you may consider doing your snow tour at the 9 am time slot. The temps are cooler and the trail is usually colder and thus easier for the dogs to pull the heavier amounts. Thanks.

We hope you will consider looking into the cart rides this spring. They are perfect for scouting organizations, church groups, youth groups and family outings. The prices are only $25 for adults and $20 for kids rate for our cart rides. As the snow nears going away on our winter trail we will estimate when we may switch over to the cart rides. We have been Blessed with great snow conditions and are expecting the snow sled tours to run into early March as of now, so get your winter tour reservation in soon so you may get the time and date that works best for you and yours.

A heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful clients that have come out for a tour this winter. After the last two prior winters of drought…….you have all been a life saver for Dogsled Express.DSC01058

Looking for snow

Looking for snow

Perfect conditions this Weekend of the 6th and 7th

We are getting lots of reservations with Valentines Day and President’s Day coming up and throughout the month. This gives you a great opportunity to get a late reservation for this coming weekend. Partly sunny skies on Sat. and clear on Sunday. Check out our calendar/reservation page for openings.  #Attention#  We just had a cancellation on Valentines Day for the 11;30 and 2 pm time slots! Take  your sweetheart on an experience she will never forget. Our cell phone # at the trailhead is 530-340-3647. Our cell phone # doesn’t work at our house location.

Despite the couple of hard recent rains, our trail conditions are still very good. The least amount of snow we have is 22″ and up to 48″ of hard packed base with a nice 4″ of powder over that, which I groomed into the perfect trail for this weekend. We can see good conditions through Feb even without any new snow! The forecasters are predicting more snows well into March. Looking forward to hearing from you. Pat

Since we have no reservations for this Friday I will be staying home and going to a funeral service for an old friend. We will be in full operation this weekend.

Ceremonial Rider

Great Sledding Weather this Weekend

Just a reminder to folks that if you see rain showers in the City of Mount Shasta that usually means snow showers at our trailhead on the mountain.  This coming weekend NOAA is calling for snow on Saturday and nice weather on Sunday, which brings great sledding conditions and great photo opportunities.  We have reservation openings during this weekend at 9 am, 11:30 am  for Sunday.  Look forward to hear from you soon. Pat

Looking for snow

Looking for snow

Dogsled Express will be in operation again this weekend of the 17th

We just got home late last night. photo4Thank you for all the nice well wishes while we were gone back to Minnesota for my Mothers funeral. The storms are dumping more glorious snow and since we don’t have any tours on the books for this weeks until Sat, we are going to wait until Friday morning to groom the trail.  Saturday and Sunday is all booked up but we do have an open time at 2 pm on the Monday Holiday still available. Please go to our calendar page and check out our availability for rides for the rest of January. Hope to hear from you through our Reservation Request Form. It is fast and easier than getting it done over the phone.

My Mother Passed Away…We will be closed until Jan. 14th

Dogsled Express had one of it’s all time best Holiday Seasons. Perfect conditions and great weather was such a Blessing. Then on the 2nd my 92 year old  Mother Eileen Bridget Campbell who lives in my home state of Minnesota, said she felt really tired and was submitted to the hospital. Within 24 hours her heart tired out and she left this world with her Faith in God, with a mind as sharp as a tack, with Family at her side, in peace to move on and last smile to my Sister Eileen. We should all be so lucky to go that way.

Dogsled Express will thus be closed for operations until Thursday, Jan 14th. I have a Sister and Brother-in-Law that will be coming back from Egypt and the funeral will be held Monday the 11th. We will answer e-mail ?’s and reservation forms from the calendar and reservation page on our site. We will take calls through this Weds. at the home # 530-467-3009. Starting Thursday, all phone messages should be sent to my cell at 530-340-3647.  Any ?’s you might have are usually covered somewhere on our website. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this busy week planning and traveling.

We have some Holiday Tours still available

The  11:30 time is available on the 3rd. You may put in a reservation form in case we have last minute cancellations. The snow conditions are perfect. After tonight we will have over 4 feet of base depth! This should take us through January and well into February  even without more snow. We are suppose to get off and on again snow showers through the Holidays which will make for even better conditions and great photo opportunities. There is always a slow period right after the Holidays so maybe if you are the type that likes to avoid the crowds, the first couple of weeks after the Holidays might be just right for you. Look forward to hearing from you. Pat and the PupsIMG_0879edittedrev1

Perfect Sledding Conditions

We are being truly Blessed with the perfect snow conditions we are getting. Snow amounts predicted prior to this weekend is putting nice layers of snow over what we already have. Remember when you see light rain and snow in the city of Mount Shasta…that means we are getting perfect light snows on our trail. Chains may be required on Ski Park Highway at times……go to for updated road conditions. On the Holiday weekends please show up early for the 11;30 and 2 o’clock rides. Sometimes when the ski park is getting swamped with skiers there may be a delay for traffic to get up the Ski Park Highway down by 89. 

We have given the dogs some time off so they are completely rested for the Holidays.  I am so excited. It has been a couple years since we have had such perfect conditions.

Pat's new book

Pat’s new book

Dogsled Express Winter Tours begin Sat the 19th

Looking for snow

I will be moving our trailer, snowmobile and groomer today to our location at Ski Park Hwy./County Rd. 31. The prediction of snows and rains starting Weds. has been changed to only snow. From reports I hear there is around a foot of snow at the trailhead with 4 to 9 inches by Friday. I plan to groom today and  Friday and will be giving tours Saturday. There are still openings prior to Xmas and prior to News years. Check out our calendar at the bottom of the reservation page for available tours. Times marked on the calendar are the times slots that are already booked.

No Cart Rides Sunday Dec. 13th

Due to the heavy rains and prediction of 6 to 10 inches of snow at the cart ride location today, Dogsled Express won’t be offering cart rides. We are very excited that our trail at our winter sled dog tour location received a good 10″ an we are expecting another 10″ today!!!!  We will be moving from the cart rides to dogsled rides sometime  around mid week. Stay posted!!Snow coming

Looking forward to spending some time today with my wife Lisa and we will be able to attend church services together. Once the tours start I won’t be able to attend services for some time. Church is something that we have found in the last year that is very important to us. Wishing to all that during the Holidays they take time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas and that if God is missing in your life, that you might be open to his Words.

Open for Cart Rides

Today….Friday the 11th we will be open for cart rides as well as Sat. We will see how much snow comes in Sat night and decide whether we will be open Sunday. It is still looking good to be switching over next week to sled tours at our Ski Park Highway location for the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th. I will update as I know more.