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Coming Soon….Sled Dog Cart Rides

Dogsled Express is now in process of obtaining an additional USFS Special Use Permit for Cart Rides only minutes from downtown Mount Shasta City. Our cart is being built this coming April and we will be shooting for late spring cart rides and full time cart rides coming this fall. Our cart will have a […]

Dogsled Express 2nd Winter That Wasn’t

Thank you so much for all the great tours we were able to put out during the last Holidays. It is such a shame to have so much business on the books and to have to call them back to tell them that all our expected snow came in the form of rains. NOAA is […]

Dogsled Express Weather Update

I would like to say winter update, but I don’t know if we can call this winter. The unseasonably warm weather has us (myself and the dogs) in a state. The weather really doesn’t show much potential for snow up to Feb.10th and 11th. There is some moisture coming in before that but if we […]

Late Winter Predicted

This certainly is a strange weather pattern for the Mount Shasta area. We are hoping that the weather near the end of this month and the first week of Feb. will be a little cooler than predicted and we can get the snow we need to get back into operation.  It seems that we are having […]

Dogsled Express is taking reservations for after Jan 15th.

Do to ice and an extremely fast trail conditions Dogsled Express has shut down tours until our next measurable snows, which are predicted for mid-Jan.  We here at Dogsled Express will never put your safety below the almighty dollar. Sure we like the business but the idea of either you, myself or our dogs getting hurt […]

Dogsled Express Trail is still in great shape.

The shortened trail (down from 8.3 miles to 5.2 miles) is in wonderful condition. prices have been reduced accordingly. These cold days have been great for our trail and I believe that they will hold up until Jan. 6th, when we are suppose to receive our next real snow accumulation. We do have openings between […]

Dogsled Express is still in Business

Thanks to USFS we were able to grade of the remaining snow around the bar patches so we can get out to the good trail conditions. The trail is normally 8.3 miles and now is down to 5.1 miles so I have reduced the cost of the tours from $190 for two adults to $150. […]

Dogsled Express is currently booked up thru the 29th

Thank you everyone for all the interest in dogsled tours. Yes we are currently booked up thru the 29th of Dec. Because of the heavy rains we received a few days ago and the unseasonable warm temps the trail conditions are diminishing. I am hoping that the trail will hold up until this Weds, night […]

Dogsled Express Open for Business Dec 19th

Dogsled Express will be open for business on this Friday Dec. 19th. We have at least 12 inches of new snow with a good couple inches of packed base underneath. We will be grooming the trails Thursday and letting them set up that night. Conditions should be excellent. We will be having perfect dustings of […]

Dogsled Express Trails are Recieving Snow

Dogsled Express Trailhead has snow!!!!  It is only a few inches but there is more on the way. Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th I will be hauling our trailer full of sleds and snowmobile and groomer so that when the snow come in again next Monday we will be ready to start grooming the trail. We […]