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Open all Thanksgiving Week for Cart Rides

We will be open for business this week and Thanksgiving week for cart rides, but the following week we will be closed so Pat and Lisa can visit Pat’s 92 year old Mother from the 17th through the 22nd. Then we will be open regular days all the way until we move up near the […]

Update of Operation on our Calendar Page

We are starting our Cart Rides as of Oct 28th. There will be some bad weather days as we progress through the fall so if the is a doubt to whether we are in operation that day or not…….there is an easy solution………………… Just go to our easy access ” Reservation and Calendar Page” and […]

Opening Day for Dogsled Express set for Weds. Oct 28th

We have changed  our opening date to Weds., Oct. 28th. We are still catching up on a few things from a long fire season and so when we start we will be best prepared to serve you. Click on this video to see what you can be a part of.

Sled Dog Powered Cart Rides coming to Mount Shasta, Oct. 2015

Dogsled Express is very excited to announce that starting in Oct. of 2015 we are adding a new adventure to the Mount Shasta area. Sled dog powered dry land cart rides, only 5 minutes from downtown Mount Shasta! Experience the same excitement and power that winter sled dog rides offer, without the cold. The very reasonable cost […]

Fun times with Dogsled Express Cart Rides, only 5 minutes from downtown Mount Shasta!

This is a comment from a recent Dogsled Express Client that I thought I should share. We really enjoyed our sledgog cart rides with Pat and his team during Memorial Day weekend. Our group people were from 13-year-old girl to 78 -year – old grandmother. Everyone was very happy with our unforgettable adventure. We skipped […]

Dog Powered Cart Rides……What a Blast

Dogsled Express moved into a new sport for us this last week and weekend. I traveled to La Pine Oregon to pick up our new cart custom built Arctis Dog Cart for giving rides powered by the dogs. Then I had a couple of days training with help of my dear friend Kassandra Spalding and we […]

All Systems Go for cart rides starting Memorial Day Weekend

We will be doing our final practice runs today, to getting ready to start giving cart rides Sat. the 23rd. Rides will most likely be done by noon because of the warmer temps.  We will be shutting down for the day when the temps start to get above 62 degrees, depending also upon the humidity. Prices […]

Dogsled Express Announcement: Spring and Fall Cart Rides

WE ARE SO EXCITED. We have the cart. We have the USFS Special Use Permit, today we are getting our insurance.  We plan on being in operation this coming Saturday. More details coming later today. Good morning weather predicted Sat. Sunday and Memorial Day.  

Coming Soon….Sled Dog Cart Rides

Dogsled Express is now in process of obtaining an additional USFS Special Use Permit for Cart Rides only minutes from downtown Mount Shasta City. Our cart is being built this coming April and we will be shooting for late spring cart rides and full time cart rides coming this fall. Our cart will have a […]

Dogsled Express 2nd Winter That Wasn’t

Thank you so much for all the great tours we were able to put out during the last Holidays. It is such a shame to have so much business on the books and to have to call them back to tell them that all our expected snow came in the form of rains. NOAA is […]