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Dogsled Express Open for Business Dec 19th

Dogsled Express will be open for business on this Friday Dec. 19th. We have at least 12 inches of new snow with a good couple inches of packed base underneath. We will be grooming the trails Thursday and letting them set up that night. Conditions should be excellent. We will be having perfect dustings of […]

Dogsled Express Trails are Recieving Snow

Dogsled Express Trailhead has snow!!!!  It is only a few inches but there is more on the way. Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th I will be hauling our trailer full of sleds and snowmobile and groomer so that when the snow come in again next Monday we will be ready to start grooming the trail. We […]

Temperatures will be dropping as well as the Snow Levels

Accuweather is predicting that for the city of Mount Shasta….the temperatures will be dropping around the 15th of December and the snow level will be into the city of Mount Shasta. That means that we will be getting significant snow at our trailhead for Dogsled Express Tours.  YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We will keep you posted as the […]

Winter Weather on it’s Way

I thank God that the forecast for this next month is better than last year’s.  There are many storms in the next month and hoping that we will get the good dumping of snow to get us going by the Xmas Holidays. Last year at this time there was nothing but sunshine in the forecast. I […]

Dogsled Express is now taking reservations for the upcoming 2014-2015 Season

We here at Dogsled Express are very excited about the upcoming 2014-2015 Winter Season of offering our tours again to the public. We are already having calls and we are now taking reservation requests to start the easy reservation process. Just fill in the asked for info on the reservation page and we will check your […]


W e are currently renewing our permit process and are training the dogs every day to get them back in top running condition. We are so looking forward to this winter being that last season we were not able to open because of lack of snow. At this point last year there were no indications on […]

It’s Official…Dogsled Express Closed for the 13-14 Winter that never was. New Plans for next season!

The winter that never was. Dogsled Express has been in business for 25 years and this was the first year we never gone the sleds on the snow.  With the winter off, it has allowed me some time to look into some possibilities that may pay off for Dogsled Express’s future in the long run. […]

Might be open for tours this Weekend!

We have around 3 0r4 inches of snow on the trail now and there is more snow predicted today.  If it doesn’t turn to rains then we could be open by later this Saturday through Sunday.  There will be rains later this week so I can’t say how long the trails will last as of […]

March snow conditions forecast looking really good!

How about that.  Just when you think the possibility of not getting in operation this season, now they are predicting decent snow producing storms for the Month of March!!!! If this forecast continues we will be available for tours this spring.  As soon as we see definite storms that will produce workable amounts of snow […]

Dogsled Express Report

Well it has been quite the winter.  We did receive 10″ of snow a week ago, but unfortunately we had two days of hard rains that took all of our snow with it.  I don’t see any snow of enough amounts to get us going through this next weekend of the 22nd and 23rd.  It […]