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Dogs and Angry Bees!

It is that time of the year to really check around your dog kennel for bee nests.  As the weather gets cold the bees are very active and very irritable. Last year at this time I went out to do some sled dog training with the ATV.  The sun was just hitting the kennel.  I […]

Rattlesnakes V.S. Dogs

We recently had our second rattlesnake in the kennel and thought I might write a little on snakes in your kennel.  Over the years I have had around 12 dogs bitten.  One way to avoid snake bites is to add to your chain link kennel,  a finer screening around the outside  bottom of the kennel itself. […]

Kennel Cleaning or the Art of Scooping Poop!

  This is a light hearted blog about the ongoing effort to keeping it interesting while you go through the daily routine of scooping poop for a large kennel.

Fall Training

  Fall, one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Training started back in August but he temperatures are finally dropping to where you can get some serious runs in.  I don’t like to train the dogs when the combination of both the temp. and humidity add up to over 120.   We start  training  when the temps […]

Keeping Your Hunting, Herding, Husky, Hound Dogs Hydrated

    Dog Hydration   Dog blog Musher: #9     Whether you run hounds, hunting dogs, cow dogs, or huskies, you have to keep your canine athlete hydrated.  I like to keep clean water available to the dog all day and night.  During the winter with water bowls freezing, that can be more difficult.  […]

Clear kennel of Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses

  Healthy dogs   I was recently talking to an old houndsman, and  we got on the subject of keeping the kennel clean of bacteria, fungus and viruses.  He told me the easiest way he knew, was to evenly spread rock salt over the area were the dog has it’s pivot or runner area.  Spray it down […]

Dog Foot and Pad Care

        Dog Blog Musher #6 Dog Foot and Pad Care:     If you have an active dog, whether it be in the sport of running hounds, mushing, bird hunting, or it just plain likes to run, then sooner or later you will run into some problems with your dog’s foot pads.  Some of the […]

Leaving Your Dogs in Good Hands

DOG BLOG MUSHER # 3     As operators of a large kennel, we get really nervous about going on a trip and leaving your dogs to the care of someone that is new to numerous responsibilities.