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Fall Dog Training for Your Sled Dog Tour with Dogsled Express

  Since late August, I have been training our dogs to have them ready for your tour with Dogsled Express.  Why do we start so early you ask?  The obvious answer is, “To get them in tour condition”, which includes cardio work and also building muscle mass.  After we build up their muscles, we start to […]

Dog Conditioning and Trust

  Lesson #2…… Keep it fun When I started training our sled dogs to race, I would hook up the dogs and run them, bring them home panting and tired, thinking we had a good run.  Wrong!   After a couple of  seasons of not reaching the finish line at distance races, I sarted to re-evaluate my […]

Dog Training and Conditioning

Recently  Dr. Arleigh Reynolds, (the top ranked team in the open dog sprints)  internationally know as one of the top experts on dog training and nutrition was here visiting in northern CA and stayed for a couple of days with us.  During one of our many dog discusions, Arleigh mentioned that he talks at many conventions around the country and […]

Lisa’s First Solo Sled Dog Trip

   Lisa at her first race I remember Lisa’s first solo run with her own team like it was yesterday. 

House Potty Training Tips for Puppies

Here is a basic simple trick to training your puppy to do it’s business outside.

Sled Dog Training and Murphy’s Law

  There are great days of training and then there are days like yesterday morning. 

SKUNK One! Sled Dogs Zero!

I’m sure every true dog person has his or her own skunk story.  Well here is ours. 

A 16 dog Hookup!

16 Dog Team Heading Down the Driveway After 20 Miles (two dogs in wheel, out of picture)  The other day I hooked up a 16 dog team to the ATV for the first time.  Everything was going well until after I hooked the 14th dog into the lines.  As I headed for dog 15 I heard a strange […]

Fall Training

  Fall, one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Training started back in August but he temperatures are finally dropping to where you can get some serious runs in.  I don’t like to train the dogs when the combination of both the temp. and humidity add up to over 120.   We start  training  when the temps […]