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Dogs Gone, That You Just Keep On Missing

Some dogs you just can’t get over missing them, even years after they are gone.  It may happen when walking by a simple spot, that you shared a moment.  Or a day she ran past you to to warn you of a huge rattlesnake on the trail just ahead.  Could have been a moment on […]

Dogs and Angry Bees!

It is that time of the year to really check around your dog kennel for bee nests.  As the weather gets cold the bees are very active and very irritable. Last year at this time I went out to do some sled dog training with the ATV.  The sun was just hitting the kennel.  I […]

Rattlesnakes V.S. Dogs

We recently had our second rattlesnake in the kennel and thought I might write a little on snakes in your kennel.  Over the years I have had around 12 dogs bitten.  One way to avoid snake bites is to add to your chain link kennel,  a finer screening around the outside  bottom of the kennel itself. […]

You just can’t train a dog to sing like that!

  Thank God I have such good neighbors, the closest being about a 1/4 mile down the road, the next a 1/2 mile.  The  tiny town of Callahan(pop.52) is about 1 and 1/2 miles downsteam, surounded by mountains.  Many of the town fo;ks have told me that one of their favorite time of the year […]

Sled Dog Training at Night

  You, your dogs, a cold night, and a dusting of fresh snow.  There is nothing in the world quite like it. 

SKUNK One! Sled Dogs Zero!

I’m sure every true dog person has his or her own skunk story.  Well here is ours. 

The Boy Named Sue!

A Boy Named Sue!   I have young, male dog that I am becoming especially fond of, and his name is Sue!  You may be asking, “Why would anyone name their male dog Sue?”  Well, this is, “The rest of the story.”

One of Those Mornings

  Dog Blog Musher: One of Those Mornings     I wake up to that sound that no musher wants to wake up to, the alarm of the kennel exploding with barking yapping and overall pandemonium.  One of the dogs is probably running loose after it had a quick link unscrewed or a snap was […]

The Wonder of it All, Dog Story

    DOG BLOG MUSHER, #4 THE WONDER OF IT ALL     Years ago, the first sled dog team I had comprised of a mixed breed of Siberian/Malamute.  The first two leaders I had were a mother daughter combination; Snowy and Sheagra.  Sheagra had a litter that made up my first team.  Two of […]

Dogs are Communicating With You, Dog Story

Sunset Magazine Article Dog Blog Musher: #2     The Day Everything Changed.   Growing up with a German Shorthair hunting dog, I learned well of the unconditional love of a dog.  Later in life, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to witness our canine buddies in a completely different venue, “Dog Mushing.”   When […]