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CA Dogsledding at Mount Shasta/Weather Predictions

Folks  have been asking me, “What kind of winter are we going to have?”  All I can do is tell them what my reseach has found. 

Sled Dog Training and Murphy’s Law

  There are great days of training and then there are days like yesterday morning. 

SKUNK One! Sled Dogs Zero!

I’m sure every true dog person has his or her own skunk story.  Well here is ours. 

A 16 dog Hookup!

16 Dog Team Heading Down the Driveway After 20 Miles (two dogs in wheel, out of picture)  The other day I hooked up a 16 dog team to the ATV for the first time.  Everything was going well until after I hooked the 14th dog into the lines.  As I headed for dog 15 I heard a strange […]

Dog Foot and Pad Care

        Dog Blog Musher #6 Dog Foot and Pad Care:     If you have an active dog, whether it be in the sport of running hounds, mushing, bird hunting, or it just plain likes to run, then sooner or later you will run into some problems with your dog’s foot pads.  Some of the […]