Perfect Sledding Conditions

We are being truly Blessed with the perfect snow conditions we are getting. Snow amounts predicted prior to this weekend is putting nice layers of snow over what we already have. Remember when you see light rain and snow in the city of Mount Shasta…that means we are getting perfect light snows on our trail. Chains may be required on Ski Park Highway at times……go to for updated road conditions. On the Holiday weekends please show up early for the 11;30 and 2 o’clock rides. Sometimes when the ski park is getting swamped with skiers there may be a delay for traffic to get up the Ski Park Highway down by 89. 

We have given the dogs some time off so they are completely rested for the Holidays.  I am so excited. It has been a couple years since we have had such perfect conditions.

Pat's new book

Pat’s new book

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