Cart Ride Season

Due to unusually warm weather and changes in plans,  we won’t be offering cart rides for the rest of this 2016 spring.

Please check out the dog cart rides. They are priced very reasonable and are really fun. You know you have something good when teenagers love it. The cart rides are for all ages and are great for scouting organizations, youth groups and family fun. We have the only non-motorized, all dog powered cart ride on the west coast! This is no ordinary cart. The $4,400 cart was specially designed and built for Dogsled Express’s clients comfort and safety.

Cart rides are only $25 for adults and $20 for the kids rate. Cart rides will be a first come first serve basis, but we would appreciate reservations for groups of more that 4 so that the dogs are harnessed and ready to go upon your arrival. The 3.1 mile, 25 minute cart rides will run up into late May, assuming the morning temps stay cool. 

Our cart ride location is only 5 minutes from downtown Mount Shasta. Just take Everett Memorial Highway past the M.S. High School about 3/4 and you will see our trailer and signs. We will post on our website if we will not be open on our usual days due to weather or starting next week just drive by the Mount Shasta Visitors Bureau and if your see our dog cart ride sign up in front with the arrow pointing up the road, then you know we are open for business.


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