Sleds and dogs for sale or lease

Adanac Touring Sleds for Sale…..$500 each

Dogs for sale or lease.

Moses: Male 6 years old. An honest hard working dog that always gives his all. Would be an excellent dog for a tour company or a larger person that wants to run a small team class like four or six dog or breed for sprint classes. A great stud for lanky leg length…if that is what you are looking for. Why? Because he is the tallest…..long legged, strongest dog I have ever owned! He gets along great with humans and when on drop lines he sometimes growls at other males but he has never been in a fight even when he has been loose in the kennel when no-one is home. Even for his size he loves to lope. And has never had any health issues. Not even a sore wrist. His downside is that he works like 1 ½ to 2 dogs…..he eats like 1 ½ 2 dogs! He maintains his weight well even when putting out two one hour tours per day of hilly 8.3 miles. Loves to work. You can put him in with a new team and he will have no problems with it. For sale or lease.

Legs: Female 6 years old in tact. Small dog ..around 32 pounds beautiful markings(white gray and black) and very talkative and friendly with both humans and other dogs. Very sweet and is a joy to be a round. Hard worker…just isn’t very powerful. Has run some lead and enjoys it. Isn’t Gee and Haw wise yet although she has run allot of swing and with some work may catch on to it. Great dog for a small person that likes dogs that are easy to handle or perfect for someone that wants to get into skijoring as a single dog or to help train another rookie dog for a two dog team. Great under 10 miles but gets bored then if you aren’t going fast like on tours. Eats very little yet she keeps an nice weight and never gains or looses weight. For sale or lease.

Salty: Female 5 years old in tact. 38 lbs..White with a couple of grey patches and wavy hair. Wears a medium harness. Slim, long and leggy. Very nice and sweet dog with humans and other dogs. Loves to go fast but gets bored easily. Would be great for 4 dog or 6 dog sprint short distances. May work well on a skijoring set up with some footwork on dirt in the fall. Having a great training this fall.

Blue : Female 4 years old in tact, 36 lbs. One blue and one brown eye. Brown in color. Shy dog that needs a little attention to release her full potential. Once she gets in harness and is ready to go she does very good. She paces herself well and doesn’t seem to get tired. I don’t really know what she would be good at for placing because I like aggressive, fired up dogs and I haven’t given her the real opportunity to shine.

Zues: Male 3 years old, 47 lbs. Excellent dog with a great personality. Cream in color. Starts out a little slow looking back at either the driver or the dogs behind him. Once he gets a couple of miles in he relaxes more and does great. I see him a a solid distance dog. Eats great and a solid stomach for the calories needed for distance. A quiet dog that gets really noisy at feeding time. Easy to handle and loves to please you.

Bugs: 6 year old female in tact, 36 lbs. White shorthaired dog. Fun to run with. Hard working recreational dog or short sprint for someone that likes smaller easy dogs to handle.

Buddy: 4 year old male, short and stocky strong dog. The perfect dog and buddy. Hard to get ride of him but I want him to be able to work the rest of his life with someone that will be as good for him as he will be for them. Cream shorthaired dog that loves his job. Great recreational dog or maybe a distance dog and perfect for skijoring. A pleasure to be around.

Ms Piggy: a 7 year female, black and white 37 lbs. Tries hard but isn’t a natural athlete. Good for someone that wants a mellow possible skijorer. With a little dryland walking with her I think she would do good well. A real nice dog with a wonderful mellow personality. Got her name because she likes to talk with you and sometimes grunts like a pig.

From Bino Fowler blood lines:  Cedar: 6 year old female,looks like a fox. 38 lbs.. Calm, quiet fast hard working dog. Great for any sprint or distance team. Easy dog to work with that loves touring, racing, anything to do with pulling.

Wakeen: 7 year old female 68 lbs. dog. Mother of Cedar and Grey. Brown Big powerful, strong dog. Quiet easy dog to handle. Awesome touring                                                                                  or serious distance dog. Really hard to get rid of but deserves to go somewhere with either Grey or Cedar because she has many miles                                                                                        left in her. I would really miss her.

Grey: 6 year old tall slim thick haired 55 lbs. cream colored male. Natural athlete. nice to work with and was really good but backed off in effort                                                                               last season. Am training him this fall and want to see if he goes back to his old self. Thinking he might have had an injury last season that                                                                               I didn’t identify. Maybe a slight groin pull like I had with a leader the year before and bounced back the following season. Not a sprinter                                                                               but liked long runs( so maybe a distance dog ) and touring. A lover boy that is great with the public and great with and being handled by                                                                               large groups of children.

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