The Boy Named Sue!

Dreaming of Being a Sled Dog

Dreaming of Being a Sled Dog

A Boy Named Sue!

  I have young, male dog that I am becoming especially fond of, and his name is Sue!  You may be asking, “Why would anyone name their male dog Sue?”  Well, this is, “The rest of the story.”

  Upon arriving home after a full day of giving dog sled rides, I decided to feed out the rest of the meat that I had stored in the cooler.  I had a bitch with 8 week old pups and I wanted to make sure that she got her share.  I picked out a nice 10 inch trout and threw it to her.  As she grabs the head, one of her pups gets a hold of the tail.  The mother is flipping the fish back and forth trying to dislodge the puppy from the other end.  This goes on for a good minute until the puppy has had enough and lets out this incredible growl for such a little guy.  It caught his Mother totally by surprise and momentarily let go.  That was all the time the puppy needed to make his get-a-way with his well earned prize.  From that day on I called him Sushi.  Latter as I have begun training him, I have shortened it to Sue.  Thus, I have a boy named Sue.

  He is doing extremely well for his first couple of months training him.  He has already worked his way into the swing position behind the leaders, and I can see that someday he is going to make a fine leader.

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