A 16 dog Hookup!

16 Dog Team Heading Down the Driveway After 20 Miles
16 Dog Team Heading Down the Driveway After 20 Miles (two dogs in wheel, out of picture)

 The other day I hooked up a 16 dog team to the ATV for the first time.  Everything was going well until after I hooked the 14th dog into the lines.  As I headed for dog 15 I heard a strange noise.  As I look over my shoulder I see the ATV being drug towards the Dog trailer!  It slams into the tounge, causing the trailer to swing the rear of the trailer into the metal dog supply building, creating a huge dent.

  Next, it takes out Angus’s dog house and as it slides around the first corner just as I manage to jump on.  I turn the wheel so it steers us into a pile of rocks and I almost fly over the handle bars due to abrupt stop!   The team lets me get the last two dogs into their positions and we are off.  The rest of the training run went well.  Beautiful fall colors.

  Lessons learned.  Only hook up 14 dogs to a  small 330 cc. ATV.  Either have a tie off line from the ATV to a stationary anchor or have big rock infront of each tire.  My mistake was that I only had rocks in front of two tires.

  Once the roads start to have snow pack or ice, I will have to cut back to 12 dogs.  Under normal conditions of ice and snow I can stay in control, but you don’t want to have an old stag buck, or a chipmunk cross the trail in front of you while you are on ice.  Make sure you have your best on-by leaders heading the team under these conditions or you may find yourself sliding off the road down over the bank, or in our area, over the mountainside!  Always remember that this sport follows Murphy’s Law,  “What can happen, will happen.”  So pre think things and stay on your toes!

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