SKUNK One! Sled Dogs Zero!

Skunk One, Sled Dogs Zero!

Skunk One, Sled Dogs Zero!

I’m sure every true dog person has his or her own skunk story.  Well here is ours. 

 It was a cool dark evening  as we  headed back off the mountain on our return training run.  I’m just about dozing off on the ATV when off on the the edge of the road ahead, I catch a glimps of movement .  Before I can even react my lead dogs Kissy and Buster are on it.  Before I can even get the brake set the whole team is in a frenzy of howls, yips and growls.   Whatever it is, the dogs have gotten a hold of it.  My headlamp catches the sight of an animal flying through the air back to the second row of dogs.  No sooner did they catch it in mid air and somehow fling it back up in front of the leaders.  It still don’t know what itis that they have until all of a sudden I am out of breath.  My air has been replaced by a direct shot of skunk spray!

  While gaspin,  I manage find my way up to the set of dogs behind the leaders and manage to pull the first four dogs back.   I look down to see this skunk on it’s back spinning around like it is Break Dancing!  While he was showing us his dancing skills, you guessed it,… there is a steady flow of spray flying from it’s backside!  I somehow suck enough air out of the stench to holler at the creature until it realizes it is clear of the dogs, gets up and slowly walks off with a slight limp.  The dogs have had enough and the skunk just looks back at us with a look of, “Who’s your daddy now!”

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