CA Dogsledding at Mount Shasta/Weather Predictions

Dogsledding Mount Shasta

Dogsledding Mount Shasta

Folks  have been asking me, “What kind of winter are we going to have?”  All I can do is tell them what my reseach has found.  Earlier in the fall the forecasters were predicting a  strong pattern for  an El Nino winter, which translates that we would be on the edge of the storm systems to the south.  In those years there is an equal chance to have normal, to high or low amounts of moisture.  After just checking NOAA’s extended forecast, I see that they have backed off on the strong El Nino effect, to mild.  This translates to putting our area in  an above moisture pattern, thus a winter of good snow conditions.

  Farmer’s Alminac is predicting a huge snow producing storm between Dec 11th and the 18th and mild storms through the New Year’s.  Perfect sledding in winter wonderland conditions.  Then another big storm in Jan. and Feb. , with intermittent light storm patterns throughout the winter.  To say the least, this is exactly what we want to hear locally when it comes to predicting  an excellent pattern for great winter condition.

 We are currently experiencing a nice pattern of moisture .  Last night the Ski Park had about 3″ if snow fall.  We have had some nice soaking rains prior to this snow, which has now froze,  so the following snows will stay.  Last year when we had that rare lack of snow season, we had our first big snow on dry ground,  setting itself up for fast melting.  This year the topsoil is soaked and ready to take the snow and keep it there.

  Go to our weather page for updated snow condition s at the Ski Park,  just a 1/4 mile up the road from our location.  THINK SNOW!!

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