You just can’t train a dog to sing like that!

  Thank God I have such good neighbors, the closest being about a 1/4 mile down the road, the next a 1/2 mile.  The  tiny town of Callahan(pop.52) is about 1 and 1/2 miles downsteam, surounded by mountains.  Many of the town fo;ks have told me that one of their favorite time of the year is during the winter months when the distant sounds of the woods travel so easily. It’s then that they can hear our kennel of alaskan huskies sing their harmonious dog songs.

  The songs range from the soft moon songs, to the anxious irradict songs of the puppies.  Songs to welcome the morning light.  Feeding songs, before and after.  The soothing song just before dark song, which often is my favorite.  The key is that it is most often lead by an older dog, my favorite being Rupert.  He starts with the base notes and then the 85 part harmony begins!  They actually listen to each other and fill in the notes to create the song.  You will hear some mixed yips from the puppies that are still developing their song voices, but all are in tune!  Then the song begins to slowly tapper of and out of nowhere they all seem to know when to stop together.

 If you have ever heard the dogs sing a song of mourning for the lose of an old veteran dog companion, you will never forget it.  It is comprised of very low and long notes and it goes on and on.  You’d swear they are singing notes of tears.  The end of the howl has a weeping sound to it and they only sing the mourning song once for each passing on.  I’ve talked to old local ranchers that say their cow dogs do the same thing when they loose a canine buddy.

 Stay tuned on the blogs to hear recordings of some dog songs from Dogsled Express Kennel.

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