Dogs and Angry Bees!

It is that time of the year to really check around your dog kennel for bee nests.  As the weather gets cold the bees are very active and very irritable.

Last year at this time I went out to do some sled dog training with the ATV.  The sun was just hitting the kennel.  I had a yellow jacket nest in a pile of wood that I was going to burn later that fall after the rains begin.  One of my young dogs, Naughty, in the excitement of the hook up, must have jumped on the edge of the wood pile and out came the bees.  By the time I noticed it, she was on her side with over 100 bees on her body!!!!!  I swooped in, unhooked her from her runner and ran across the kennel, while brushing off the bees.  I laid her down and continued to kill the bees that had boared into her short hair.  Next I got a bucket of water and poured some on the back of her head to snap her out of her comatose state.  It worked and in a few minutes I had her up and walking around.  She is fine, but I know they could have killed her had I not showed up on time.

Lesson learned and I was totally covered that night when I pulled the pile of wood apart with a long pole so I could gas the huge nest.( the most effective way to destroy and bees nest if you don’t have a can of bee shot available).  So if you know of a nest, don’t do as I did and wait.  If it is a ground nest, pour gas down the hole in the cool of the morning before they start to come out with the morning warmth.  Better to be safe than sorry when it concerns one of your best and loyal friends.

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