Dogsled Express Closed for the Season!!!!

Unfortunately due to the lack of snow and warm weather we have had to close down for the season.  We are suppose to get some weather in the next week but the snow amounts won’t allow us to reopen.  Thanks to all of our faithful customers that kept calling back tying to fit in a spot when we did have snow.  We had tons of phone calls, of people wanting to get booked just in case we had good snow conditions.  WE will be in operation again next year, so with all the cancelations this season, I know we will be very busy next year.  I will be blogging all year with fun stories and each week I will to a blog on one of our dogs so you can get to know them and give you an idea of what goes on in our kennel throughout the off season.  Stay safe and hope to hear from you again next winter.  Pat and Lisa

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