Preparing for Dogsled Express’s 20th Season

  How time flies.  It seems like yesturday that I was trying out my first sled.   Here we are again.  It’s that fun time of the year.  Training has started in earnest for the last 15 days. I’m done with the log cabin that I have been helping a couple of friends with.  I had been  falling timber on forest fires for the previous 44 days prior to starting training.  Was on the Reading Fire in Lassen National Park for a full 14 day shift and the remaining days were at the Bagley Complex southeast of the McCloud Reservoir.  Lisa(my wife) did a great job with the dogs while I was gone.   It was great to get home to Lisa and the dogs. The dogs get so excited when they first realize it’s me coming down the driveway.  They all start their (pet me first Dad) call in a high pitched frenzy.  I put in my ear plugs and give each dog their own little time…one on one.

  Training this time of the season consists of getting them back into the groove again.  This includes calming down the craziness while hooking the dogs into the lines.  Break line chewing habits. Seeing who works well with each other and training in new lead dogs.  It is so fun to see the puppies that you ran last spring turning into real sled dog before your eyes.

We are looking forward to a great new season.  We are preparing the dogs now so you can experience your winter sled dog tour with fresh newly covered trails like in this picture from last season.

We take great pride in providing high quality tours from well trained dogs to groomed….. maintained trails topped by magnificent views of Mount Shasta  and surrounding countyside.  This will be Dogsled Express’s 20th year of safely giving tours to thousands of clients. We hope that you will consider taking a tour with Dogsled Express, whether with that special person in your life…..  or as a great family experience, or with an old lifetime friend.  Please book your Holiday tours early.  We maybe cutting back from 5 tours a day to three tours a day due to a summer job injury to the right hand of my good friend Trevor.  For those that have taken a tour with Trevor…. please keep him in your prayers.  Hope to here from you soon.  Pat

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