New Scheduling for Dogsled Express Tours

  Unfortunately this season we won’t be able to do two sled rides at the same time.  My helper had a devistating accident to his right hand and won’t be able to man the helm on the second sled. If you have a family of 4 or two couples that want to go together…what we will have to do is take one sled out ….come back and immediately hook up another team and go right back out with the next two clients.  While one couple is on the trail, the other two can drive up the road a 1/4 mile to the Mount Shasta Ski Park for a hot beverage, or go cross country skiing nearby or take the kids sliding on Snowman’s Hill… or simply hang out with the dogs until we get back when all the excitement starts all over again. 

  We won’t be able to offer large groups for the short rides like we have done in the past.  Short rides may be availble after the Holidays are over but they will have to be reserved and spontanious short rides may be difficult. 

Basically with only one sled tours available I highly encourage folks to get thier resevations early.  Booking Holiday tours could be difficult without getting them well in advance.  As of November 7th, you will be able to go to the calendar  and see what tour slots have been booked and what are still available.

One might think…”Why can’t he find another dog driver?”  It is not that simple.  It takes alot of experience to handle a large dog team and your safety remains our # 1 priority.  That is why Dogsled as never had a client injury after19 years of being in business.  Our top quality tours will not change, in fact our goal this season is be able to offer an even more personalized tour for you and yours.  Hope to hear from you soon and have a great Thanksgiving.

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