Great News!! Two sled tours available for the Holidays

 We are pleased to announce that Bino Fowler has is coming down from Oregon to help us out from December 16th(Free Kids Rides Day) through the Holidays so that we can schedule more Holiday visiters.  Bino helped us out in the past and did a wonderful job.  Bino is an excellent sprint and distance musher that I have competed against for years.  He is a gentleman with wonderful stories of experiences with his canine family.  He had been working all fall and is now on a mission to get his kids in shape to give you an experience of a lifetime.

 We can now offer two sleds tours on both the 9am and the 2pm time slots so you and your family or your freinds can go together at the same time.  Please check our calendar for times and dates these two sled tours will be offered.  Note: entries on the calendar are the time slots that have been scheduled.  Please read the explanation above the calendar on how to tell what dates and times are available. 

We are getting tons off rain right now and are expecting snows on the tail end of this series of moisture.  The rains are actually good because it totally saturates the ground so that when the temperatures drop… the moist ground freezes like a big ice cube and  then when the snow covers it, it is there to stay.  Last season we basically had no storms all the way through December and well into January, so this moisture is a beautiful thing.  Because of all the folks that weren’t able to get out last year…. we are expecting an above normal demand for tours this season.  So it is suggested that you get in your reservations early, or you will be like alot of folks that wait right up until they see the new snow pack in the mountains and are calling at the same time for the same available dates and times and are dissapointed because their ideal time is not available.  Tour deposits are refundable if snow conditions are the reason a tour has to be cancelled.  Your deposit is transferable if you have to reschedule (with an advance phone call) your tour due to and emergency.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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