Dog Powered Cart Rides

DSC01135DSC00923Starting in Oct. of 2015 Dogsled Express is adding a new adventure to the Mount Shasta area. Sled dog powered dry land cart rides, only 5 minutes from downtown Mount Shasta! Experience the same excitement and power that winter sled dog rides offer, without the cold. The very reasonable cost makes it affordable to most for the approx. 25 minute ride. Our custom built (Arctis Cart) gives a very secure and smooth ride while at the same time allowing the driver the opportunity to go as fast as the riders are comfortable with, and the trail allows.

Our USFS Special Use Permitted trail starts out running through a tree plantation, then a wonderful stand of timber onto a smooth road, an exciting turnaround loop and back to the start with great views and photo opportunities of the dogs with our beautiful Mount Shasta in the background. 

Cost :   $25 for adults and $20 for kids under 10 years of age and under 100 lbs. If you have a group of 10 or more, kids prices are reduced to only $15! Any single custom passenger ride is $40.

Directions: From the main downtown intersection (by the City Hall & Fifth Season) drive east toward the mountain and the road turns into Everett Memorial Highway  about 1 mile and you will pass in front of the Mount Shasta High School. Go past Mount Shasta High School 1.1 miles and we will be on the left at the big toy hauler trailer with Dog Sled Express signage.

Weights of passengers matter:  12 dogs can pull me(230lbs.), the cart (300lbs.) plus passengers (250lbs. to 300lbs.) When the passenger weight goes over 300lbs. we have to add more dogs and more length. Maximum in the cart is 350lbs. If two people’s combined weight is over 350lbs. then unfortunately they will have to take two separate rides and the price for each passenger by themselves is increased to $40.

Dates and Times: Cart rides will start at the announced date in Oct. or sooner if temperatures allow. (check our reservations calendar page) and run well into May (dependent upon temperatures…. we don’t like to run the dogs above 70 degrees). Rides will run Weds. through Sunday. Rides start at 9am. and run until 3:30 pm. or until temps reach near 70 degrees!

After your ride there is a USFS approved bicycle trail just 1/4 mile away or continue on up the road to the highest point you can drive to on Mount Shasta at the old ski bowl and take a hike. Please stay on the designated trail due to sensitive meadows and foliage.

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