Reservations can be made year round.

Trips embark at 9 a.m., (two sleds available),
11:30 am(one sled available), and 2 pm(two sleds available).
Two Adults $190
One Adult $110

These prices are based on combined total body weights of 350 lbs or under.  For total weights over 350 lbs. Call for pricing. 
Children* (10 and under) $55 each 
Must be accompanied by an adult

15 min. Short Rides are only available when tours aren’t booked up.
Adult $25(ride seperately),  Child $15 (10 & under

Two-sled tours, groups, training
and gift certificates are available.
Special requests will be accommodated if possible. 

Gift certificates can be purchased year-round
The person receiving the certificate can call to schedule
their reservation year round. Payment in full can be mailed to: Dogsled Express, P. O. Box 452, Etna, CA 96027 or make your payment online after receiving a confirmation code from Dogsled Express.Upon receiving your payment a gift certificate will be mailed to you or to the person you wish to receive the dogsled tour. 

To make your tour reservation request, please copy the following information into an email, fill out completely and send to:  You may also call 530-467-3009 with questions and to make your reservation over the phone.  Filling out the form and following up with a phone call is recommended if you are looking for a ride that day or within one week.
Start Of Race to the Sky, MT

Start Of Race to the Sky, MT

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