Reservations & Tour Calendar

Normally tours run Wednesday through Sunday and on Holidays.  Rides start times are 9 am., 11:30 am., and 2 pm.  If your family wants to have two sleds available we will do one tour and follow up right away and go out again with the next sled. While one sled is out on the trail the others can take in a warm beverage at the ski lodge just a 1/4 mile up the road. Two sled tours must start at either 9:00 am or 11:30 am. Passengers should arrive 20 minutes prior to departure time.  Dress with layers of clothing. No rides are given for infants.( under three years of age) Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Toilet facilities and parking are available at the trail head.

Spring and Fall cart rides (and during winter if we have poor snow conditions) will run Weds. through Sunday from 9am (8am if requested) to 3:30 pm. or 70 degrees temp. Starting at announced date in Oct. (or sooner if temps allow) and run well into May (temperatures allowing).



Note* Please feel free to call if you have any ?’s concerning the Calendar and Reservations. Reservations can be made over the phone.  Your call will be answered that evening.

Example:Dec 25th.. 2pm tour booked  dp, JD…….. means that on Dec 25th a tour has been booked  .. dp( deposit paid ) by JD.. for John Doe

Pick your tour date then you’ll be ready to make a reservation.

(see reservation form and more instructions below the calendar)

Click Here for a larger look at this calendar.

Here’s how to make a reservation.

Make your reservations early for the date and time that best serves you. After you’ve picked an available date from the calendar, you’re ready to make your tour reservation request by filling out the Tour Reservation Form.


Fill out the Tour Reservation Form completely.  Your form will be sent to Dogsled Express.  You will receive a return email within 24 hours.  Attention….we have had a couple of electronic Reservation forms not get to us….Make sure  you hear back from us within 24 hours. If not….call us at 530-467-3009.When your trip is confirmed and your deposit has been received – your initials will be entered into your tour slot on the calendar.

Filling out the form and following up with a phone call is recommended if you are looking for a ride that day or within one week.  You may also call 530-467-3009 with questions and to make your reservation over the phone

DO NOT PROCEED TO ONLINE PAYMENT BELOW or to MAIL your payment until you have received confirmation of your reservation via return email.  You may also confirm by calling 530-467-3009. 

 Click the BUY NOW link below to make your deposit payment online.  Your tour reservation is secured by a non-refundable $50 deposit per sled. You may also pay for your whole trip or your Gift Certificates here. 
If you choose to pay for your whole tour online, you will be asked to add $10 to your total to cover the cost of the credit card payment charges that Dogsled Express incurs for this convenience to you. 

Mail checks to: Dogsled Express, P. O. Box 452, Etna, CA 96027

After you have made your reservation(s), please download the following Hazardous Sports Release form –Print out and bring it with you or mail with your deposit.  Make sure that all passengers sign the form.  .  In the event of an emergency or change or plans, please call Dogsled Express Cell Number is 530-340-3647, as well as 530-467-3009 to inform us immediately.  Leave a detailed message – you will be allowed to reschedule!

 Dogsled Express Participant Hold Harmless Agreement
“Dogsled Express is permitted under a Special Use Permit on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.. Passengers must sign a Hazardous Sports Release Form. No exceptions.

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