I had some time while on the fires to think through the past seasons of Dogsled Express.  We’ve had some great times out on the trail with our clients.  The one thing that kept coming back to me was, “What is it that makes Dogsled Express different from other dogsled tour outfits or other adventures?”    Some sled guides say their tours are an hour long, while actually that hour includes the  safety talk(if they have one) and time with the dogs after the ride.  With Dogsled Express you get a full hour or more in the sled, plus the time for the safety talk and the time with the dogs after the ride.

Over the years  my objectives were always to offer a professional and safe product to the public.  I feel that I have accomplished  that by 25 years of giving tours with a perfect USFS Special Use Permit safety record.

I turned 62 this year and it has made me think hard about how my wife Lisa and I would like to see the business progress.  We’ve had the opportunity in the past to team up with big business to pump out the tours and make a bunch of money but I just couldn’t give up the idea to put $ as the most important objective and have others calling the shots, telling how many tours to produce and how fast or how often my dogs can run.  We aren’t in this to become wealthy, we are in it for the love of it.

Our goal is to live a healthy simple life in our log cabin while continuing to share with you the beauty and experiences that these dogs have blessed us with.

Another way that makes us different from other adventures is that you are part of our product.  Our trail is not just some flat track that you just ride around on.  I will teach you how to lean properly to help steer the sled through the corners.  You become part of the team…..dogs, driver, and passenger working as one.  It is a thing of beauty.  If you are comfortable with getting back on the runners with me at the end of your tour…I encourage it.

Most importantly we want you to experience the bond that goes on between the dogs, and the dogs and myself.  It is a tied together by nature….whether it is a sunny day with a perfect trail, or it is harsh conditions it is one of the most real experiences that a person can have.  The dogs and our tours are authentic.  The elements, the work, the teamwork is real, or the sled doesn’t move.  The dogs excitement isn’t for show….it is as real as life itself.  Let us share it with you.

  We are taking reservations and since  we are offering only one tour at 9:00 am, 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, Weds. through Sundays, you may consider getting  in your reservation request form in early.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.   

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