Dogsled Express Trail is still in great shape.

The shortened trail (down from 8.3 miles to 5.2 miles) is in wonderful condition. prices have been reduced accordingly. These cold days have been great for our trail and I believe that they will hold up until Jan. 6th, when we are suppose to receive our next real snow accumulation. We do have openings between now and then. Check out our calendar to see what times have already been booked and what dates and times are still available. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dogsled Express is still in Business

Thanks to USFS we were able to grade of the remaining snow around the bar patches so we can get out to the good trail conditions. The trail is normally 8.3 miles and now is down to 5.1 miles so I have reduced the cost of the tours from $190 for two adults to $150. The great part is that the best and most fun part of the trail is the part that we still have. The trail is fast now due that it is freezing at night now and NOAA is predicting 3 to 5 more inches of snow. The extended parts  that you need to drive out on is flat a your kitchen floor so vehicles will have no problem even if we get a couple of inches. I will pack it down with my pickup if needed. After we get a couple of inches more, the trail is going to be fantastic. Once  we get a big dumping of snow then we will move the trailhead back to our original location. Hope to hear from you.     .Note : please don’t ask for reservations through the comments……fill out the reservation request form to start the reservation process. Thank You.

Dogsled Express is currently booked up thru the 29th

Thank you everyone for all the interest in dogsled tours. Yes we are currently booked up thru the 29th of Dec. Because of the heavy rains we received a few days ago and the unseasonable warm temps the trail conditions are diminishing. I am hoping that the trail will hold up until this Weds, night when we are suppose to have a hard freeze and a little snow. They are predicting that the snow will be less than an inch, but they have been wrong before. I am looking into a couple of options to see if the first mile (where the poor snow conditions are) I can possibly come up with another plan where we may have  the clients drive out to a new start point or ride on a Ranger 4×4 to bypass the first mile and then start. The prices would be reduced accordingly for the shorter ride. If we can’t do that and we don’t get some more snow on Weds. and Sunday then we will have to cancel some tours or reschedule into mid January when we are suppose to get some good snow accumulations. We are very disappointed in the weather but as we all know it is something that we have no control over. Please stay posted and I will update to let everyone know what is happening concerning our trail. Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful Holiday season. Pat

Dogsled Express Open for Business Dec 19th

Dogsled Express will be open for business on this Friday Dec. 19th. We have at least 12 inches of new snow with a good couple inches of packed base underneath. We will be grooming the trails Thursday and letting them set up that night. Conditions should be excellent. We will be having perfect dustings of snow after that which will mean a nice smooth trail with great photo opportunities of fresh snow in the trees and happy, happy, happy dogs and driver(me).  We have two openings this Friday and the weekend is open due to folks waiting(including myself) to see what the snow conditions are. I am sure the ski park will be open this weekend also. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dogsled Express Trails are Recieving Snow

winter snowDogsled Express Trailhead has snow!!!!  It is only a few inches but there is more on the way. Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th I will be hauling our trailer full of sleds and snowmobile and groomer so that when the snow come in again next Monday we will be ready to start grooming the trail. We are hoping to open for tours come next Weds. the 17th, with any luck. After last season we of no snow, we are so excited to get on snow we can’t stand it. By we……..I mean the dogs and I. I can’t imagine how fired up they are going to be once they arrive at the trailhead and realize they get to run on snow and not have to be pulling the ATV till next spring. Reservations will really be coming in fast now that folks see that snow is really here so please get your reservations in early so that we can schedule the times and dates that will best serve you and yours. The fastest way to get the reservation process going is to go the reservation page and submit your info on the reservation request form. Please look at our calendar page to see what dates and times are available. There is a complete explanation of how the calendar dates and times are entered so that you may see what dates and times are still available. Hope to hear from you soon. Pat…..owner/operator and guide.

Temperatures will be dropping as well as the Snow Levels

Accuweather is predicting that for the city of Mount Shasta….the temperatures will be dropping around the 15th of December and the snow level will be into the city of Mount Shasta. That means that we will be getting significant snow at our trailhead for Dogsled Express Tours.  YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We will keep you posted as the dates near and we can get a better idea of when we may be open for business. 

Winter Weather on it’s Way

I thank God that the forecast for this next month is better than last year’s.  There are many storms in the next month and hoping that we will get the good dumping of snow to get us going by the Xmas Holidays. Last year at this time there was nothing but sunshine in the forecast. I  know you are all waiting to see the big snow coming because we are getting tons of hits on our website. Much more than any year in the past. Once that snow is predicted….please get your reservations in early or you may miss out on the date and time that you would best serve your needs. After last winter’s snow disaster, the dogs and I are chomping at the bit to get on snow again. Having fun training in the young dogs with the elderly to ensure your tour will fulfill every dream you have had of being on a tour powered by husky power. Hope to hear from you soon. Owner/operators. Pat and Lisa Campbell

Dogsled Express is now taking reservations for the upcoming 2014-2015 Season

We here at Dogsled Express are very excited about the upcoming 2014-2015 Winter Season of offering our tours again to the public. We are already having calls and we are now taking reservation requests to start the easy reservation process. Just fill in the asked for info on the reservation page and we will check your info out and the dates and times you are interested in. Then we cross reference to our calendar and enter your initials  on the calendar…..once we then receive the easy deposit of $50 through Paypal (off the reservation page) or receive a check for the deposit, then we verify that we received it, by entering a (PD)  on the calendar and you know then that you are locked in for the date and time you requested. So looking forward to hearing from all of you and giving you and yours an experience of a lifetime with Dogsled Express Winter Guided Sled Dog Tours.


W e are currently renewing our permit process and are training the dogs every day to get them back in top running condition. We are so looking forward to this winter being that last season we were not able to open because of lack of snow. At this point last year there were no indications on moisture in November and this year there are storms predicted often throughout Nov. . Great news ! (Accuweather) The storm gates are opening. We made up for some of last last winter’s bad financial hit by getting in 45 days on the fires falling dangerous dead trees as a professional C-faller. Went to the Eiler and Bald Fires first. Then to the Beaver fire on the Klamath and almost two full 14 day shifts on the huge Happy Camp Complex. When we got there it was 4thousand acres and the last report I saw put it near 125,000 acres. WE will be often updating info and will post some pictures of our training season. Hope to here from you all as our winter approaches. Think lots of Snow.

It’s Official…Dogsled Express Closed for the 13-14 Winter that never was. New Plans for next season!

The winter that never was. Dogsled Express has been in business for 25 years and this was the first year we never gone the sleds on the snow.  With the winter off, it has allowed me some time to look into some possibilities that may pay off for Dogsled Express’s future in the long run.  I am working on getting a six seat dog cart for fall and spring tours on dryland.  It will be one of the most unique outdoor adventuress you can find.  It will be the first of it’s kind on the west coast and I predict that it once we announce the details of reasonable cost, the beautiful and exciting trails, that you will will put it one your adventure… do list. Rides will be scheduled to start in early October and available until the snows hit, in which at that point we will switch over to dogsled tours.  Then when the sled dog tour trails melt out and the trails dry some, we will start up the cart rides again and will run sometime into late May.

One of the great advantages to cart rides is a whole family can go all together and I will be able to once again to large group events like how we used to be able to with the  short dogsled rides for the Girl Scouts. We would love to include Cub and Boy Scouts, Church groups, etc.

Some times it takes a setback to open your eyes to new possibilities.  I believe that with the cart that Dogsled Express will be able to expand our client base and length of season to where I could continue the business as long as my old body can hold out, at which point we will have built the business into something that we can pass onto someone else who loves the dogs and dog pulling sports as much as I.  Stay tuned for more updates as the year progresses and don’t forget to check out Pat’s new book, “Song of the Runners”.  How to get details on the right side of our Website Home Page.

A heart felt thanks to all the good folks that called all winter in hopes that we may get open for business.  We appreciate all the kind words, support and promises to try again next winter.  So looking forward to next fall after I have a busy summer fighting forest fires.