No Cart Rides Sunday Dec. 13th

Due to the heavy rains and prediction of 6 to 10 inches of snow at the cart ride location today, Dogsled Express won’t be offering cart rides. We are very excited that our trail at our winter sled dog tour location received a good 10″ an we are expecting another 10″ today!!!!  We will be moving from the cart rides to dogsled rides sometime  around mid week. Stay posted!!Snow coming

Looking forward to spending some time today with my wife Lisa and we will be able to attend church services together. Once the tours start I won’t be able to attend services for some time. Church is something that we have found in the last year that is very important to us. Wishing to all that during the Holidays they take time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas and that if God is missing in your life, that you might be open to his Words.

Open for Cart Rides

Today….Friday the 11th we will be open for cart rides as well as Sat. We will see how much snow comes in Sat night and decide whether we will be open Sunday. It is still looking good to be switching over next week to sled tours at our Ski Park Highway location for the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th. I will update as I know more.

Due to 4 plus inches of wet snow we will be closed Sunday the 6th Dec.

We finally got the bearing and were expecting to be giving rides today but unfortunately due to the 4 or more inches of wet snow we received last night, we will be closed today. We do expect to be open again this Weds. through Sat. the 12th and Sunday the 13th if the snow doesn’t come in the night before. Then we should be switching over to the sled tours at our location just below the ski park. The logging operation on our sled tours road will be done by Friday the 11th if not sooner (due to the snows) and then we will need another 12 inches of snow on the trail to get started on the sled tours. It is looking very promising. If by chance we don’t have the snow needed to make the switch over that week and the trail at the cart ride location is available, then we will continue cart rides until the snow is good enough to make the switch over. Thank you for your understanding and patience. As always you and your families safety must always come first over the almighty dollar.DSC01135

We are back in business for cart rides Sunday the 6th, Dec

The wheel bearing has finally arrived and I was at the trailhead today prepping the axel and checking the trail for blow down trees. All looks go for tomorrow. Assuming we don’t get to much snow on the trail from tonight’s storm. I will get there by 9:30 am and if the trail is not workable then we will post it on our website right away. Should be nice in Mount Shasta by mid-day. Hope to see you there. Pat

Due to US Postal Service we are not in Business this Sat. the 7th

I am so mad at our US Postal Service. A bearing for the cart was shipped on Monday Nov. 31st with 2 day shipping and is still somewhere between Sac. and Yreka! I recommend that if you run a business don’t count on the USPS to get it on time, go with UPS or FedEx. I am so sorry for those that called for this Sat. If the part comes in Sat. I will try and have it in and be operating by Sunday. I will post a new blog Sat to update for Sunday. Frustrated!!!!

Cart Rides Open again this coming Saturday the 7th

Due to wet weather on Thursday and Thursday night we plan to resume our cart rides Sat. the 7th of Dec. There is some snow predicted so I will be checking out the trail and for blow downs or limbs obstructions. We had so much fun giving cart rides Thanksgiving week, cant’ wait for this weekend with a little fresh snow on the trail. Thank you for your patience. I will update this post after I see the conditions on Friday. Pat

Thanksgiving Week Cart Rides

Currently closed this Sunday the 29th for Cart Repair – Bearing replacement – We apologize for this inconvenience.  Check back for reopening time and date.  We hope to repair this quickly, hopefully we will back in full operation for our normal days, starting again this Weds.  We will be open regular days all the way until we move up near the snow park sometime in Mid Dec. when we will have snow to switch over to the sled snow tours.

 Cart rides are great for family and youth group outings with special rates for groups over 10.DSC01099

Update of Operation on our Calendar Page

We are starting our Cart Rides as of Oct 28th. There will be some bad weather days as we progress through the fall so if the is a doubt to whether we are in operation that day or not…….there is an easy solution………………… Just go to our easy access ” Reservation and Calendar Page” and  scroll down to our calendar. If we are not going to be at the trailhead that day then there will be a “No Rides..Weathered Out”  posted on that date.

If there still is “Rides” posted then that means that I expect it will be mild weather and there will be ample periods of clear weather during the day to be able to go on our approx 25 minute rides. See you at the trailhead.



Opening Day for Dogsled Express set for Weds. Oct 28th

We have changed  our opening date to Weds., Oct. 28th. We are still catching up on a few things from a long fire season and so when we start we will be best prepared to serve you. Click on this video to see what you can be a part of.

Sled Dog Powered Cart Rides coming to Mount Shasta, Oct. 2015

DSC01058DSC01099Dogsled Express is very excited to announce that starting in Oct. of 2015 we are adding a new adventure to the Mount Shasta area. Sled dog powered dry land cart rides, only 5 minutes from downtown Mount Shasta! Experience the same excitement and power that winter sled dog rides offer, without the cold. The very reasonable cost makes it affordable to most for the approx. 25 minute ride. Our custom built (Arctis) cart gives a very secure and smooth ride while at the same time allowing the driver the opportunity to go as fast as the riders are comfortable with. Cost will be $25 for adults and $20 for kids under 10 years of age and under 100 lbs. If you have a group of 10 or more, kids prices are reduced to only $15!

The trail start out running through a tree plantation, then a wonderful stand of timber onto a smooth road, an exciting turnaround loop and back to the start with great views and photo opportunities of the dogs with our beautiful Mount Shasta in the background. 

Folks of all ages enjoy the sheer power and excitement of the dogs. These rides are perfect for groups like church outings, group adventures, Boy and Girl Scout events, family fun time, and much more. We encourage passengers to share love with the dogs after the ride. Pat will either talk about his mushing experiences or if you want, just enjoy the quiet of the dogs on the trail doing want they love most……….running and sharing time with you. For more info, please go to our Page on Dog cart rides. (being built)