Dogsled Express Snow Report

We will not be giving tours this weekend due to the heavy rains that we received on our snow from last weekend.  We do have a good base throughout most of our trail system but we need a cold snow to come in and fill in the open spots on the lower part of the trail.   Good news is that we do have a cold snow storm coming in next Tuesday so it is looking positive for next week’s tours.  I will know more in a couple of days when NOAA  predicts the snow amounts coming in.  Thanks for your patience with this unusual winter we are having.

Grooming Dogsled Express Trails Monday

We’ve received around 12″ of snow two nights ago and then had rain off and on since.  Monday I will go to the trailhead and hopefully after the hard rains today that there will be still decent snow conditions so I can groom the trail  out and then it should freeze Monday night and set up to where we can operate on it with dogsleds.  We have tours booked for next week and are praying that we will be able to provide good conditions.  There is a series of small storms throughout this week and if the temps would drop just a couple of degrees less than predicted then we would get some wonderful lights snows and the trails would be awesome.  I will update again Monday night after I see what the trail looks like.  Thanks so much for your patience and interest in still getting out on a tour with us this season.  Pat Campbell

Snow is Coming to Dogsled Express Trails

Big News.  We are suppose to have a significant snow coming in by next weekend.  We will give you more as we see it.  As of now the City of Mount Shasta is predicted to get 10″ of snow which may mean 1 to 2 feet of snow at our trailhead.  There are more spring snows called for into Mid-March, so we may have excellent spring time sledding conditions.  Keep up the snow dances!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogsled Express Guided Winter Sled Dog Tours Update

It is looking very hopeful that we will be getting a substantial amount of snowfall for the month of Feb.  If we have the snow tours will be available for the 8th and 9th of Feb., because the Siskiyou Sled Dog races have been postponed until the second weekend in March.  We are taking reservations for Feb. and March.  No deposits will be necessary for the remainder of the season.  Thank you for all the people that are still staying in contact for tours for the remainder of the season.  We need your business this season to continue in future years.

Dogsled Express Update

We have some weather coming in this week but realistically we don’t see the storms that we need to get into operation until around the first of February.  Accuweather is showing a series of storms from Feb. 2nd through Feb. 14th so we are hoping to get started as soon as we have our trails covered and safe navigate a large dog team.  Since this forecast came out yesterday we have booked 6 more tours in Feb. and many more inquiries. Due to our late start we will have tours available by special request for Mondays and Tuesdays if they are the only dates available to you or your family, or if the weekend tours are booked up and you will still be in town.  We would normally take those days off , but we need your business to help make up for the lack of snow and late start.  We are really hoping for a late spring with lots of snow like we had four years ago, so we have more time to get all the folks out on their wish list tour with Dogsled Express.

We have the Siskiyou Sled Dog Races scheduled for Feb 8th and 9th. They are held on the north side of Mount Shasta and there have been years that our trails where we normally give tours have  good snow conditions and we can give tours,…. but the trails we need for the races are not available which would mean that we would have tours available the 8th and 9th at our normal trailhead  near the ski park, if the races are cancelled.  If we are able to hold the races then Dogsled Express will offer a tour at the race location (Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park) at 2:00 pm both days, after we have run our race category.  So come to the races and then go out on a tour!

The dogs and myself are bored from running the same trails during training and we can’t wait to get on the snow.  Often one doesn’t realize how much something means to us until we have it taken from us.  The dogs and I really miss meeting the new friends that we make while sharing our beautiful trails.  Please consider taking a tour with us “This Season” so we can continue giving tours in the years to come.  Waiting to hear from you.  Thanks, Pat

Snow May be Coming to Dogsled Express Trails


Beautiful  Snow Covered for Dogsled Express Customers

Beautiful Snow Covered for Dogsled Express Customers Hopefully coming next week

We are getting excited that there is a possibility that we may have snow coming next week.  Depending upon the amounts we might be able to open the weekend of the 12th.  We have Free Kids Rides Day planned on the 12th.  That trail will need more snow than the trail that we use for tours, so it is possible that if we don’t have enough snow for the Free Kids Rides we might have enough for tours.  So keep posted to this website.  We should know more by early next week when we start getting predictions for snow accumulation.  Thank you for everyone’s patience.  With all the calls that we have been getting even though we are not in operation, I believe we can still have a successful season despite the late start.

Dogsled Express Still Waiting for Snow!!!!

Missing YouSadly we are still not open for business due to lack of snow!  It breaks my heart to have all the phone calls for tours and we have to tell folks that we are not in operation yet.  We truly hope that you won’t give up on us yet for this winter season for your tour with us.  Being that we are losing out Holiday business still are counting on your business this winter to be able to stay open next season.  Sled dogs are not like a snowmobile rental business where the machines are just parked…..these guys keep eating to the tune of $300.00 of dog food every 9 to 10 days!  Please keep checking our website for our opening date.  We will post snow predictions as we see them.  Happy New Year, PatWaiting to here from you

Dogsled Express on Dog Works Radio(mushing radio)

Pat's new book

Pat’s new book

I had the pleasure to talk to Mushing Radio….Dog Works Radio for a 1/2 hour interview recently about distance racing, Dogsled Express, and our book “Song of the Runners”. I feel bad because I kept referring to my wife, without giving Lisa’s name.  Sorry Love!  Robert did a good job of asking interesting ?’s and I enjoyed the whole process.  Hope you enjoy.  Here is the link.

Needing a good snow for Dogsled Express to Open

Snow comingWe have a base on our trails……unfortunately we need one good snow to open.  I don’t see any real possibilities of big snow producers until at least after the 1st.  Forecasts for this area are hard to predict and in the past when predicting 10 days out they often show 30% and it can turn into a heavy dumping of snow,  so we are hoping that will happen this year.  We really count on the Holiday weeks for our business to make it through the whole year,  so please…..if  we do have a late start we especially hope that you will still plan a tour, or reschedule your tour once we are in operation.  In the past when we have a slow start of winter weather, once it does comes in we have excellent conditions throughout the rest of the winter and well into April.

The dogs and I are bored of training with the ATV  and being I only have so many good years left in me to continue driving dog teams,….. please have patience with the weather.  There is nothing more rewarding for us than to see the smiling faces of our clients during and after their tour with Dogsled Express.


“Song of the Runners” book by Pat Campbell about Dog Sled Racing

Pat's new book“Song of the Runners” is based on an actual 220 mile sled dog race. A unique insight of the thoughts and emotions that both man and dogs share while out on the trail. The story is written in the voices of Pat, (dog driver) and Casper, (lead dog). What starts out as a simple story about a dog sled race, soon becomes something much more. To order the book go to Amazon,com books. For your Kindle just go to and for your smart phone, i-pad and computer go to CreateSpace apps.

How to order an autographed book.

It’s simple…just send a check for $11.50 ( includes packaging, tax and shipping) to Pat Campbell, PO BOX 452      Etna,   CA   96027       with your return address and it will shortly be at your doorstep.  If it is a present for someone else, include there name, so I can personalize it to them.

Pat’s new book